Run Lola! Studio is a freelance project based in Porto, Portugal, created in 2014 by Isabel and João.
It develops photographic work in multiple areas and have worked with various companies and institutions both nationally and internationally.
It aims to continuously seek new visual challenges and grow alongside its clients.


Photo capture

We're qualified and available to carry out any kind of work in national and international territory. We can also develop mini-productions and for more complex projects we rely in network of producers, videographers and designers, which we've already worked with and have full confidence.


Editing and image processing

Post-production is a fundamental and unquestionable step in the process and we only work with images captured by us. Full control of the workflow allows us to guarantee the best possible image quality for each situation.



We send budgets for free via email but we will be most interested in receiving your call or meeting in person. We appreciate your interest in our work and for you to get the latest news please visit the site and don't forget to follow us on the social networks.

Isabel Cortez

Humanities background 

Bachelor's degree in Communications

Professional degree in Photography


João Leal

Sciences background

Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering

Professional degree in Photography